Company Introduction

MaFiPo s.r.o. has been operating on the insurance market in the Czech Republic for more than ten years. It is authorised to perform brokering and advisory activities in the field of insurance based on the appropriate registration with the CNB.

MaFiPo s.r.o. ranks among the largest companies in the similar field of business in the Czech Republic in terms of the volume of written premiums. A whole range of significant customers operating in every sort of industry and business - energy, construction, light industry, transport, services, culture, mass media, advertising etc. - have been using the extensive portfolio of our services. Last but not least, state institutions and hospitals are among our major customers, too.

Our insurance brokers have gained their high professional knowledge since 1995 in the largest insurance companies in the Czech Republic and, following the dynamic development of the insurance market, they established their own brokerage house fully reflecting the current customer trends and needs in the field of insurance.